The Art of Community

The Bible in Community

October 27, 2021

Most people struggle to get any momentum going in their study of the Bible.  They struggle to do it regularly and fail to engage with it meaningfully when they do.  It's so common, that we tend to assume it about everyone unless proven otherwise.

Why is this?

At least one of the major contributing factors is that we tend to digest the scriptures in isolation from the rest of the community of faith.  But the word of God was written by people in community, to communities of people, and is meant to be received in the context of a community.  We do not study for ourselves alone, but we also study so that we can be a conduit of spiritual life to others.

This is what we are exploring in this installment of the AOC podcast.

Link to printable sheets to help you discuss the Bible with others. (Thanks to David Helm for providing this fantastic resource!)


Music by Elisa Cox

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